To Madrid

Photos from the past couple days in Toledo, including a spectacular light show projected onto a building.

20110716-235309.jpg DSCN5505











This morning we rode the train back to Madrid from Toledo for our final few days in Spain. Toledo’s train station is an architectural beauty in the Neo-Mudejar style as reflected in the wall tiles.


For our stay in Madrid we mistakenly booked a hostel on the outskirts so tomorrow a.m. will change to a more central area — Spain’s very efficient public transport has been helpful with transport back to the city —

The afternoon was spent at the Reina Sofia, Madrid’s contemporary art museum. I’d been there before on a study abroad trip and wanted to show Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica to Dad. No photos were allowed. The painting’s anti-war message and imagery of oppression are powerful. A copy hangs in the United Nations — when Colin Powell made his WMD speech, the US requested the painting’s intimidating presence be covered. Tomorrow we’ll meet Alfonso and his family for lunch and then more sightseeing —

DSCN5562 20110717-000400.jpg 20110717-000047.jpg 20110717-000133.jpg 20110717-000244.jpg 20110717-000313.jpg 20110717-000224.jpg 20110717-000155.jpg

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