July 8, 2010


Today marks the one year passing of Aunt Ginny. She was a beautiful soul filled with love for her family and friends. I will always be grateful to her (and to Aunt Arlene) for her care of Mom after their mother Amanda died. Ginny not only was a sister to Mom but also gave her love and guidance when she needed it most.

My favorite story about Aunt Ginny involves when Dad picked up Mom for their first official date while she was living at Aunt Ginny’s house, and Mom greeted him with a smile and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. For years Dad asked Aunt Ginny who had baked the cookies, and her answer was always “I’ll never tell”. When Dad and I visited Aunt Ginny in the hospital last summer after mom had passed, Dad asked Aunt Ginny again who had baked the cookies. Her response was as always “I’ll never tell”.

About an hour later, Aunt Ginny suddenly said “Lillian baked the cookies”. Dad asked “And now the really important question — did any other boys get chocolate chip cookies on their first date?” Aunt Ginny emphatically responded “No! You were the only one!” And we all had a good laugh.



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One Response to July 8, 2010

  1. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for especially remembering Mom — hard to realize the year and all the ‘1sts’ have now been lived through. Beautiful picture of the ferns around Mom’s name — she like ferns! I remember one conversation I had with Mom when I was a very little girl. I wondered about her mother, Grandma Charn, and would I ever see her. (I was 9 mos old when she died) Mom said that someday we’d all be together again, just not right now.

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